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Here, you can read some of the frequently asked question crucial to your wedding planning/event planning from our recent emails that we have answered to our clients.

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What do you mean by a Destination Wedding?

A Destination Wedding is when the location of your Wedding Venue is miles away from you home town. With the new adjective ‘Destination’, it does not become any costlier affair. In fact a destination wedding can a lot cheaper than spent on any big event in life. For a destination wedding, you invite your guests far off on a vacation. You ask them to travel, whether it is by rail, air, road, or in a boat to the venue. The bride and groom pay for their guests to travel and stay at the hotel.


In Cayman, the best is on the beach or inside a Hotel Room with beach view, enjoying the cool breeze, sounds of waves, appealing decorative surroundings and comfort of the Mcreations arrangement.

Why choose Cayman Islands for Destination Wedding?

Made up of three islands—Grand Cayman and its two sister islands Cayman Brac and Little Cayman—some of the world’s most beautiful beaches are on the Cayman Islands. Wedding at Cayman are most romantic and memorable Carribean Weddings. There are the world’s best places to exchange vows and promise to love each other forever.


You can dream of a normal wedding event and affair on a beach at the Seven Miles beach or you can have romantic set up with sit-down party dine outs, best of minimal decors and amazing floral arrangements with signature drinks on parties. Mcreations creative planning team can help you with everything from designing your custom wedding packages with everything from the Marriage License to the Wedding Cake to make it an unforgettable event.

Beach Weddings are good for how many guests?

Beach weddings can be casual slip-in-sands-barefoot-kiss or ultimate incomparable romantic sophistication. Many go for a wedding party family gala time with 200 invitees attending everything from a pre-wedding party rehearsal to the bride and bride groom going on a drive to new home with Just Married tag. Some of the family clients of ours have preferred intimate wedding with 20 to 30 invitees keeping it a soft tender family affair with just coziest wine-dine affair.


Cayman Island Weddings are symbols of ultimate tropical events. On a Beach wedding can be a family affair of 200 invitees. With years of visitors and Cayman residents getting married here we have helped them with our bets of wedding planners and event managers have gone extra miles in serving them personally from getting the weirdest flower bud to services of a Wedding celebrant, to luxurious Car or a personal Cruise to drive to celebrate in privacy.

Why is Floral Arrangements important for my Wedding or Event?

Wedding flowers play a large role in the wedding ceremony specially keeping the surround pleasant and people cheerful. Flower blossoms and blooms make a large part of your wedding budget.


Mcreations takes the minutest of detailing in account while planning for the floral arrangements on your Wedding, specially finding you the centerpieces and wedding bouquets that you would love.


Milton is experience and specialized in floral arrangements. You can share your wedding flower ideas to Milton or talk to local wedding florist to pull it off for your wedding day.

Is it a good idea to have Floral for Corporate Events?

We always tell our clients that you extend your Company’s brand statement while you plan and create a Corporate Event. Your floral touch talks about your Company’s presence in market, your agendas for the meet and your dreams and goals.


We create a decorating scheme that is cohesive and reflects the purpose your official event, your style of working and goals. Be it a fundraising event, a business networking event or client appreciation party, Mcreations floral arrangements can completely change the ambiance, feel and mood of an event. Our special floral managers pay attention to details and quality service as hallmark of corporate design services.

Are destination weddings in Cayman Islands expensive?

You save a lot on décor since the Cayman is so amusing and close to the heart of many bride and bride groom. It could be a Wedding on a Beach, in a Castle or a middle of the lake, the nature sets the ambience and hence can spend more on your parties, florals and music.


We at Mcreations believe that there are a several very professional and experienced wedding planning companies which will make getting married in Cayman inexpensive affairs for you and yet make the wedding a truly stress-free and unforgettable experience.

Are there any free venues to get married in the Cayman Islands?

Imagine you getting a perfect wedding stunning outdoors where there is a perfect location with breathtaking oceanfront views accommodating intimate wedding ceremony, dinners, and receptions.


There are a variety of free wedding offerings available with resort to resort at Cayman as a wedding package. If you go for a single package, your wedding flowers, decorations, a cake, taped music, a wedding officiant and hors d'oeuvres on a beach while you book the three-course dinner and stay for you and all of your guests. Beachfront wedding and having beach and natural waves as your backdrop in the ceremonies comes free when you book resort as your venue. Your wedding ceremony on venue almost becomes sacrosanct when you dream of a destination beach wedding at the Cayman Islands.


While a wedding officiant is usually part of the deal, you won't necessarily get a legal union for free either. If you choose to marry at a resort outside the US, there's typically paperwork and fees (not always covered by the resort) that you'll need to complete in order to legally be considered husband and wife.

What are your suggested Venues to get married in the Cayman Islands?

There are best locations for a beach wedding and also for intimate private party wedding:

  • 7-mile beach (Governors Beach)
  • Smith Cove Beach
  • Spotts Beach
  • Rum Point Beach
  • South Sound Beach
  • West Bay Beach

There are many resorts to choose your venue from:

  • Cobalt Coast
  • Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman
  • Hyatt Regency Grand Cayman
  • Grand Old House
  • The Westin Casuarina Resort & Spa
  • Rum Point
  • Grand Old House
  • Luca Restaurant
  • The Wharf
  • Cracked Conch/ Macabuca
  • Casanova Restaurant
  • Ristorante Papagallo
  • Lobster Pot
  • The Reef Resort

You can take our manager’s help who has helped our clients in the past in deciding where to have their destination wedding.

If you have a wedding guests list up to 200 at Grand Cayman, Hyatt Regency is the best to see you marry her toes-in-the-sand or on the rooftop terrace. When making decision about a Cayman Wedding venue we ask parties to focus on how many number of guests.

If you want to own a private beach wedding inside or a seaside view outside, Grand Old House is a perfect for elegant dining and wedding parties. It is even best for Wine & dine made for rehearsal dinners.

What is an ideal dress for beach weddings?

Wedding dresses can be anything from a White lace long wedding dress adorned with floral beads or pearls, to anything that is strapless, short and makes you flirty.


But according to our designer friends ideal Wedding dress is light in weight, breezy with touch of great elegance that makes you look like a princess. The Season you are getting married also defines your wedding dress. You wedding dress could be blue, minty green with a flower wreath or a tiara on your head.

How do I start to plan my Wedding Ceremony at Cayman today, if I want to get married next year?

This is a very good question! You seem to be a great planner. You have enough time to plan and get in touch with right professionals at Cayman. To start with, you can search on the internet. More than 70% of visitors or residents who plan their wedding at Cayman start to search by typing a few famous keywords, ‘Cayman Wedding’, ‘Wedding on Cayman Beach’, Getting married in Cayman’. You got to search for Wedding planners, Venues who can offer you exotic Wedding planning services and consultation.


Do a lot of search on theme wedding, packages and minutest details from flowers, food, beverages, party music, and return gifts to venue, bridal wear to bouquets. You can make a TO DO LIST of items you can think of for your Dream Wedding. Browse through famous picture album, watch videos for ideas. Start searching and downloading pictures and ideas to make a list of preferences in your Wedding folder. Give a time-line to each list of item and add how & where you can get at Cayman?


The best is to call a Wedding Planner at MCreations Wedding & Events for Free Consultation and send us your questions demanding a Customized Romantic Theme where you can have everything favorite to you and your partner!

What does MCreations Wedding Package usually include?

Our Wedding package includes all the services of vendors attending the minutest of details from handling of the details of the event from the very first day of booking, until the last guest on your Wedding day has left the reception venue, and the reception location is cleaned and ready for a next celebration. The list of vendors here will give an idea of the services the MCreations planning team covers on your wedding day:


  •  Venue/Location Contractor/Hotel/Resort or Suite manager
  •  Florist
  •  Caterer
  •  Baker
  •  Photographer & Videographer
  •  Ministers & Staff
  •  A crew for Setup, Cleanup and Coordination
  •  Bartenders AND Servers
  •  Music DJ
  •  Event Manager for rentals
  •  Designer and Printer for wedding invitations
  •  And many more


In all the above services above, we can change design, theme or customize items as you and your partner want it to be.


In addition to all of these, you got to make sure no one is charging any extra fees hidden that we at MCreations disclose at the booking itself, like an additional service charge of $3.50 for every serving of champagne or $500 extra for logistics charged for delivery by florist at the venue. They add up a great to your present budgeted cost.

I am not a resident of Cayman but my Wife to be is a resident of Cayman. Will I be still eligible for a Marriage License?

In your case, as a resident your fiancé has a different process to go through for registering for a marriage, she must have their details published for 7 days, through a process called “posting of the Banns of Marriage”.


For you, who are considered visitors, “Special Marriage License” is issued under the authority of the Governor of the Cayman Islands. The Special Marriage License costs US$250. It is easier all around if you get your MCreations wedding celebrant or wedding planner at to obtain this on your behalf.


Usually, in your case where your fiancé is a resident, and you are a visitor, then the wedding is performed under the authority of Banns of Marriage. For any further clarification, you can contact our team mate via email or making phone call. We will be happy to answer your questions, whether or not we are your wedding celebrants.

What are the documentations required in order to be get married?

Usually the following documents are required to get married.


  •  A passport that is valid (or birth certificate and government issued ID such as a driver’s license)
  •  A final divorce decree in case of remarriage
  •  A spousal death certificate issued in case of deceased former spouse

Can you suggest what can we do on more on our Rehearsal Party in the Pre-Wedding Dinner?

Starting a Wedding ceremony on the previous day of your wedding is a great compliment to your wedding day. It is more of a welcome party for your guests marking a great handshake between both the sides of the families. Be sure to have fun with this occasion by incorporating a theme that reflects something special to you.


It could be a theme reflecting your story or your family lineage. It could reflect both of your personalities. You can have theme reflected in the choice of flowers, music, food or beverages you have selected.

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